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RF600mm F4 L IS USM (Delivery will take 2 months)


The flagship 600mm F4 super-telephoto lens for the EOS R system which inherits the superior optical design from the EF version and weights only 3,090g. Built-in with powerful Image Stabilization for sharp images during handheld shooting. Suitable for sports, motor sports, wildlife and video production.

Compatible cameras: EOS R series mirrorless cameras

  • 全球最輕400mm f/2.8鏡頭1
  • 採用全新設計光學系統及應用碳纖維強化鎂合金的鏡身,大幅減低重量至只有2,840克,比上一代減輕超過25% (1,010克)
  • 全新研發13組17片光學設計,加入2片螢石鏡片及1片超級UD鏡片,有效消除色散以提高解像度及反差
  • 全新緊致型影像穩定器提供達5級快門防震2,提供IS模式1/2/3
  • 加入「ASC空氣球體塗膜」(Air Sphere Coating)減少逆光拍攝時由反光引致的眩光及鬼影,從而於提升畫面清晰度及對比度
  • 首次提供兩個預設對焦設定,可快速轉換對焦至兩個不同的預設位置
  • 採用電子對焦環以及新增「手動對焦速度開關」提供3個手動對焦速度選擇
  • 電動對焦 (Power Focus)為短片拍攝提供順暢的對焦效果
  • 9片圓型光圈葉提供更漂亮柔和散景
  • 最近對焦距離縮短至2.5米及提供0.17x最大放大率
  • 在大幅減重的同時保持與上一代同樣高規格的耐用性及抗震性以滿足專業用家的需求
  • 特設全新高反射性抗熱塗層,有效反射陽光中的紅外線,減低炎熱天氣時的鏡頭升温幅度,令長時間使用更舒適
  • 全新雙層外鏡筒及內鏡筒設計及優化的鏡筒連接點結構,有效抑制導熱效果,大大減少高温環境下熱力從外部傳至鏡筒內
  • 鏡頭的最前端及最後端鏡面均加入氟塗膜以減少微塵、油份及水份依附於鏡面及可輕易以乾布清潔
  • 防塵防水滴設計以應付嚴峻拍攝環境3
  • 隨附全新設計鏡頭蓋E-180E、鏡頭遮光罩ET-155(WIII)、插入式旋入式濾鏡架52 (WIII) 連52mm保護濾鏡及鏡頭軟袋LS400
  • 用家亦可選購全新鏡頭短遮光罩ET-155B或鏡頭箱400E

1 與所有兼容單鏡反光相機及無反光鏡相機的400mm焦距f/2.8鏡頭作比較。截至2018年9月5日,根據佳能的調查。

2 CIPA 標準;焦距:400mm;使用EOS-1D X Mark II。

3 需配合EOS-1D系列機身,但不建議於雨中使用。


Superior Image Quality

For the most professional usage

Flagship features to fulfill Professional Need

Fluorite Lens

Designed with 2 Fluorite Lenses,  the RF600mm F4 L IS USM produces images with minimal chromatic aberrations.  

Super UD Lens

RF600mm F4 L IS USM consists of one Super UD Lens that produces images with minimal colour fringing from edge to edge of frame. 

Air Sphere Coating

Utilising the unique Air Sphere Coating (ASC), RF600mm F4 L IS USM can suppress ghosting by reducing reflectivity of light entering from a large angle of incidence and vertically. 

Inherits the Optimal Lens Design from EF version

The precise arrangement of elements and lenses within RF600mm F4 L IS USM provides top-notch image quality while maintaining a compact and lightweight form.

Exceptional Features

Convenient at ts best

Extending Your Range

Designed as a native RF mount lens, the RF600mm F4 L IS USM is compatible with the Extender RF1.4x and Extender RF2x.

Bolstering the reach of the lens up to 1200mm, the RF600mm F4 L IS USM provides flexibility and convenience of shooting further with just one lens. 

Get Closer

With reduction of the minimum focusing distance, RF600mm F4 L IS USM is capable of achieving focus as close as 4.2m. This provides the opportunity to be more creative and to capture more details of the subject. 

Remarkable Image Stabilisation

The built-in Optical Image Stabilizer provides image stabilisation of up to 5.5-stop shutter speed1 that enables shots previously not possible handheld, providing more convenience when shooting low-light. 

Image Stabilization Modes

IS Mode 1 for stationary subjects

IS Mode 2 for panning 
IS Mode 3 for subjects with unpredictable movement

Compatible with Electronic full-time MF

Lens is compatible with Electronic full-time MF2,   focus can be adjusted manually with focus ring anytime during ONE SHOT AF or SERVO AF.

Dust-and-water-resistant design2

Dust-and-water-resistant design2 to enable shooting in harsh conditions.

Shock Resistant

Mechanical structure engineered to provide the lens high durability and vibration and shock resistance.

Fluorine Coating

Smudge-resistant fluorine coating on both front and rear lens prevents moisture and oil from sticking.

White Heat Shield Coating

Features the white heat shield coating on the lens exterior to suppress the rise of the lens temperature under hot sun.

1 CIPA Standard, Focal Length: 600mm, EOS R is used. In Yaw/Pitch directions
2 For EOS R series camera supporting electronic full-time manual focus. Please refer to camera’s instruction manual for details.
2 With Dust-and-water-resistant EOS R series camera; however, it is not recommended for use under rain.

Lens Diagram

MTF Graphs

More Information
Lens Mount Type RF mount
Angle of View (Diagonal) 4°10'
Lens Construction 17 Elements in 13 Group
Fluorite (piece) 2
Super UD Lens (Piece) 1
ASC (Air Sphere Coating) Yes
Fluorine Coating Yes
No. of Diaphragm Blades 9 (Circular)
Minimum Aperture 32
Minimum Focusing Distance (m) 4.2
Maximum Magnification (x) 0.15
Drive System Ring-type USM
Full Time Manual Support
Power Focus Support
Image Stabilizer Effectiveness 5.5-stop (CIPA Standard, Focal Length: 600mm, EOS R is used. In Yaw/Pitch directions)
Image Stabilizer Mode Mode 1/2/3
Dust and Water Resistance Support
Filter Diameter 52mm (Drop-in)
Extender Compatibility Compatible with RF 1.4x and RF 2x
Length x Max. Diameter (mm) 472 x 168
Weight (g) 3090

Box Content

  • RF600mm F4 L IS USM
  • Lens Hood ET-160 (WIII)
  • lens Cap E-185C
  • Lens Dust Cap RF
  • Drop-in Screw Filter 52 (WIII) with 52mm protect filter
  • Lens Wide Strap B
  • Lens Soft Case LS600
  • Instruction Manual
  • Purchase Record Card
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