Ultra-zoom Camera


More Immersive Sports Viewing

The ultra-zoom capability of PowerShot ZOOM brings even viewers sitting in the back of the grandstand close to the athletes and action. All exciting moments can be captured as photos or videos anytime.

Handy Gadget for Nature Lovers

PowerShot ZOOM is the best on-the-go gadget for birdwatchers. Anywhere and anytime, birdwatching is just as easy as lifting one’s arm.

Capture Every Family Event

Easy to be carried around, the lightweight and compact PowerShot ZOOM is always ready to capture the intimate family moments.

Product Features

Palm-sized Ultra-zoom
Tech Gadget

Thanks to its innovative optical design, PowerShot ZOOM offers ultra-zoom capability in a size smaller than an average smartphone. With a length of just around 10cm and a weight of merely 145g, it fits in the pocket and can be hung around the neck with a strap.

Three-step Zoom Design
with Quick Switching[1]

Three Functions in
One Slim Body

Ergonomically Designed
for Comfortable
One-hand Operation

Can be comfortably held by left- or right-handed users

Easy Operation

Comfortably held in one hand with bundled hand strap
View through viewfinder
Adjust focal length by pressing the ZOOM button on the index finger position
Take a photo or video by pressing the PHOTO or RECORD button on the thumb position

High-quality Electronic Viewfinder

Equipped with Canon
Binoculars’ Powered
I.S. Technology

Reduce tiny camera shake to ensure clear capture or viewing of distant objects in high sharpness.

Built-in High-capacity Rechargeable Battery

Support up to 70-minute continuous viewing
Support USB Type-C PD charging and as a power supply[4]

Share Images with Wi-Fi

Connect to Camera Connect mobile app[5] with Wi-Fi to share “Live View Shooting” screen to mobile phone and to shoot still images and movies by remote operation.

Sample Images

Sample Images of High-speed Continuous Shooting

Three-step Zoom Demonstration

[1] All focal lengths are 35mm equivalent values.
[2] 800mm is digital zoom.
[3] When using One-Shot AF, Auto Focus and Auto Exposure are set at the first frame.
[4] Only Type-C USB cable is bundled with the camera. Charger is not included. When used for charging, power source that is USB PD compatible and with minimum output of 5V/1.5A is required. When used to power the camera, power source that is USB PD compatible and with minimum output of 18W (9V/2A) is required.
[5] Camera Connect mobile app for iOS or Android smartphones is required.

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