RF600mm F11 IS STM (Delivery will take 2 months)


The world's lightest 600mm super-telephoto lens1. This innovative and affordable lightweight super-telephoto lenses with just 199.5mm length and 930g weight. Suitable for birds, wildlife, aviation, sports and landscape photography.

Compatible cameras: EOS R series mirrorless cameras

Innovative • Compact

Super Telephoto Lens

Ultra-light 600mm Super-Telephoto Lens

The innovative RF600mm F11 IS STM, the world's lightest 600mm autofocus lens1, overturns the traditional impression of super-telephoto lenses by making the lens more compact and affordable with Diffractive Optics, a fixed f/11 aperture structure and active use of high strength plastic parts. Photo enthusiasts and beginners can now enjoy taking close up of subjects at distance and experiencing the extreme compression of perspective unique to long focal length at an affordable price. This makes it an ideal choice for a range of image capture – from birds, wildlife to aviation and landscape photography with sun and moon as subject.


EOS R • ISO 1600 • 1/1250s • f/11


EOS R • ISO 1600 • 1/250s • f/11


EOS R • ISO 800 • 1/640s • f/11


EOS R • ISO 1600 • 1/400s • f/11

 RF600mm, only weights 930g, is significantly smaller and lighter compared to existing super-telephoto lenses, making handheld shooting without a tripod effortless.

By using a retractable barrel structure, the lens is extended in use and easily retracted to be stored neatly. The length of RF600mm F11 IS STM when retracted is just 199.5mm, ideal for carrying in small kit bag.

High Image Quality

RF600mm F11 IS STM features 10 elements in 7 groups optical design, in which a Canon proprietary third generation gapless double-layered Diffractive Optics (DO lens) is used for the 1st lens. The DO Lens effectively eliminate chromatic aberration common in super-telephoto lenses and deliver high resolution, high contrast and high image quality.
WhileRF600mm F11 IS STM adopts a fixed aperture of f/11, its long focal length enables photographers to blur the background sufficiently when photographing subjects in the distance.

EOS R • ISO 1600 • 1/160s • f/11

DO Lens


Canon’s proprietary Diffractive Optics (DO) possesses chromatic aberration characteristics opposite to that of conventional glass lenses, chromatic aberration is reciprocally eliminated by combining DO Lens and conventional glass lenses, allowing high chromatic aberration compensation that exceeds that of fluorite lenses and UD lenses. In addition, DO lens also corrects spherical aberrations, by applying a single DO element can thus replace the optical characteristics of multiple lens elements in this lens, making light and compact high quality super telephoto lens possible.

High Speed and Silent AF

RF600mm F11 IS STM’s inner focus design and the use of lead-screw-type Stepping Motor (STM)  provides high speed and high precision AF as well as smooth Movie Servo AF2; and full-time manual focus is also supported.
RF600mm F11 IS STM focuses to a minimum distance of 4.5m and provides a maximum magnification of 0.14x.   

5-stop Optical Image Stabilizer3

RF600mm F11 IS STM‘s optical Image Stabilizer provides up to 5-stop3 shake compensation. This image stabilization feature allows this super-telephoto lens to deliver pin-sharp images, even when shooting without a tripod or monopod, as image blur caused by long focal length is drastically reduced.

IS: Off

IS: On

EOS R • ISO 400 • 1/50s • f/11

Compatible with Extender RF1.4x and 2x

RF600mm F11 IS STM is compatible with Extender RF1.4x and 2x, which extends the focal length by 1.4 times to 840mm and 2 times to 1200mm respectively.
Autofocus is possible even with Extender RF1.4x or RF2x attached4.

Original Focal Length

EOS R • ISO 800 • 1/320s • f/11 • 600mm

With Extender RF1.4x

EOS R • ISO 800 • 1/160s • f/16 • 840mm

With Extender RF2x

EOS R • ISO 800 • 1/80s • f/22 • 1200mm

Improved Operability

Control Ring

Incorporates the RF lens control ring to adjust assigned settings such as ISO speed, shutter speed or aperture value directly from the lens


The clicking sensation and sound of the control ring can be removed for silent control during photo shooting or video recording. This service is available at Canon Care Center (chargeable service).

Focusing Distance Range Selector

Equipped with a "Focusing Distance Range Selector" Switch to prevent subjects at an unintended distance from being in focus, which also improves the speed of auto-focus searching at the same time.

1 Among all interchangeable autofocus lenses including a focal length of 600mm for interchangeable lens cameras. As of July 8th, 2020. Based on Canon research.
2 When using this lens, the camera's AF area: EOS R3:   Approx 80% (vertical) x 80% (horizontal) ; EOS R5/R6/R/RP: Approx 60% (vertical) x 40% (Horizontal)
3 CIPA Standard, Focal Length: 600mm, EOS R is used.​​​​​​​ In yaw/pitch direction.
4 AF Area with Extender RF 1.4x: https://store.hk.canon/extender-rf-1-4x.html. AF Area with Extender RF 2x: https://store.hk.canon/extender-rf-2x.html.


Lens Diagram

MTF Chart

More Information
Lens Mount Type RF mount
Angle of View (Diagonal) 4°10’
Lens Construction 10 Elements in 7 Groups
DO Lens (Piece) 1
Minimum Aperture f/11 fixed aperture
Minimum Focusing Distance (m) 4.5
Maximum Magnification (x) 0.14x
Drive System Leadscrew-type Stepping Motor
Full Time Manual Support
Image Stabilizer Effectiveness 5-stop (CIPA Standard, Focal Length: 600mm, EOS R is used)
Filter Diameter 82mm
Extender Compatibility Compatible with RF 1.4x and RF 2x
Length x Max. Diameter (mm) 199.5 (retracted) / 269.5 (shooting) x Ø93
Weight (g) 930

Box Content:

  • RF600mm F11 IS STM
  • Lens Cap E-82 II
  • Lens Dust Cap RF
  • Instruction Manual
  • Purchase Record Card
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