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Speedlite Transmitter ST-E3-RT(Ver.2)

HK$1,080.00 HK$2,380.00

Using radio transmission to wirelessly trigger up to 15 Speedlites allows infinite amount of creativity for off-camera flash photography. Designed with a Dot-Matrix LCD display and wheel-type dial for intuitive user-interface.

- 小型無線電傳送無線閃光控制器
- 支援E-TTL II / E-TTL自動閃光、外置閃光自動測光、手動閃光及頻閃
- 採用2.4Ghz 頻率, 備有15條頻道及10000個無線電ID防止干擾
- 無線電傳送有效範圍達30米, 並最多可控制5組*1共15支從屬閃光燈作無線閃光拍攝
- 支援主控及從屬單元間雙向通訊,以傳送從屬單元狀態及支援由從屬單元操作
- 支援連結拍攝*2及遙控釋放快門功能*2
- 採用點陣式LCD液晶顯示屏以提供更多閃光拍攝資訊
- 可透過相機選單控制閃光燈設定*3
- 高強度金屬插腳
- 快速鎖結構加入”除塵結構”及”可變接觸點壓力”設計
- 重要的訊號傳送均採用雙線傳輸設計
- 與EOS-1D系列同級的防塵防水滴#設計

*1 只適用於2012年或以後推出的EOS數碼單鏡反光相機 (EOS 60Da 除外)
*2 須裝有600EX II-RT、600EX-RT 、430EX III-RT或ST-E3-RT的2012年或以後推出的EOS數碼單鏡反光相機(EOS 60Da/1300D/1200D除外)。2012年前推出的EOS數碼單鏡反光相機,須使用600EX-RT 或ST-E3-RT,並須兼容N3類型遙控端子並配合閃光燈快門線SR-N3(另購)使用。
*3 只適用於2007年或以後推出的EOS數碼單鏡反光相機
# 不建議於雨中使用

The Speedlite Transmitter ST-E3-RT(Ver.2)* is enhanced with these new features to maximise Speedlite EL-1's potential.

  • Newly supports wireless second-curtain sync[2] with all Speedlite models featuring Radio Transmission[1]
  • Newly supports the FE (Flash Exposure) memory function[2]
  • Newly supports the 1/8192 micro flash with Speedlite EL-1
  • Supports E-TTL II / E-TTL autoflash, Manual Flash and Stroboscopic Flash
  • 15-channels with 10000 radio transmission ID to minimize interference
  • Maximum radio transmission distance of 30m in all direction and controls up to 5 groups[3] and 15 receiver units
  • Supports Linked shooting[4] and remote release function[4]
  • Large Dot-Matrix LCD panel to display flash settings information
  • High Strength Metal mounting foot
  • Proven quick locking mechanism with “dust wipe mechanism” and “variable contact pressure” design
  • Implements 2-line transmission for important signals transmission
  • Dust and water resistance[5] equivalent to EOS-1D Series cameras


Creativity Unbounded

Create dreamlike images with wireless Speedlite control

Adding finesse

Adding that finer touch to dimly lit scenes with 1/8192 microflash with Speedlite EL-1.

Experiment with motion

Pair wireless second-curtain flash sync [1] on Speedlite E-1 with slow shutter speed and see the magic happen. [2]

Showcase Delectable Shots

Light food up from different angles with wireless Speedlite control to make the food look its best.

Freeze Water Splashes

Multiple wireless Speedlite setup for the optimum output for freezing those splashes.

Wonders of Multiple Speedlites [3]

Multiple Groups
Control up to 15 compatible Speedlites with up to 5 groups [3] for different settings.
*These flash mode settings indicated are only as examples

Linked Shot[4]
Capable of wirelessly triggering up to 16 compatible cameras simultaneously for multiple angles of the same subject at the exact same time.

*able to be used as a Transmitter / Receiver unit.

Existing ST-E3-RT users can enjoy the same enhancement available in ST-E3-RT(Ver.2) with firmware update. Firmware updateis available at local Canon service centres from May 2021. Kindly contact your local Canon service centres for more details.

ST-E3-RT (Ver.2) Compatibility Information

EOS Cameras Receiver Unit Sender Unit is Non-updated ST-E3-RT Sender Unit is ST-E3-RT (Ver.2)
Wireless Second-Curtain Sync 1/8192 Micro Flash [8] FE Memory Wireless Second-Curtain Sync 1/8192 Micro flash [8] FE Memory
Cameras that support wireless second-curtain synchro as of February 2021:
  • EOS-1D X Mark III [6]
  • EOS R5 [6]
  • EOS R6 [6]
  • EOS M50 Mark II
(EOS cameras from 2020 or later supports wireless second-curtain sunchro [7])
Speedlite EL-1 Not Supported Supported Supported Supported
Speedlite 600EX-RT/ 600EX II-RT/ 430EX III-RT Supported - Supported
Cameras that do not support wireless second-curtain synchro


Speedlite EL-1


Not Supported Supported [9] Supported
Speedlite 600EX-RT/ 600EX II-RT/ 430EX III-RT Not Supported - Supported

[1] Applicable to all Speedlite models featuring Radio Transmission including Speedlite EL-1, 600EX II-RT, 600EX-RT and 430EX III-RT (as of February 2021).
[2] Applicable to EOS digital cameras that support wireless second-curtain sync. As of February 2021, the compatible models are EOS-1D X Mark III, EOS R5, EOS R6 and EOS M50 Mark II (must be upgraded to firmware that supports Speedlite EL-1).
[3] Only applicable to EOS digital cameras from 2012 or later (Not including EOS 60Da)
[4] Requires EOS digital cameras released from 2012 onwards (except EOS 60Da/1500D/1300D/1200D/3000D) with Speedlite EL-1, 600EX II-RT, 600EX-RT, 430EX III-RT or ST-E3-RT attached.
[5] Not recommended to use in the rain.
[6] Camera must be updated to firmware that is compatible with Speedlite EL-1.
[7] Not including EOS 850D.
[8] 1/8192 Micro flash is exclusive function of Speedlite EL-1.
[9] The "External Flash Control" interface could not display 1/8192 micro flash and neither can users set it on the camera directly. Please set directly on Speedlite EL-1.

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