CANON PLUS Extended Warranty Service - BINOCULARS 8 x 20 IS


To provide better customer service, our CANON PLUS Extended Warranty Service is introduced. After purchasing online, you can extend your service coverage for another 12 months. This ensures you can get technical support and one-stop service for your Canon product.

Applicable Model: BINOCULARS 8 x 20 IS
CANON PLUS Coverage: 1 year carry-in after basic warranty

20% off is offered when purchasing with BINOCULARS 8 x 20 IS at Canon Online Shop.

For more details and terms and conditions:

CANON PLUS Extended Warranty Service
1. All-rounded one-stop service to prevent from extra repair costs
2. Professional technical support and warranty service
3. Genuine Canon parts are guaranteed and repairs are carried out by Canon experts

Purchase Terms & Conditions
1. If CANON PLUS is purchased with the related product, the related product will be registered for warranty automatically with the delivery address and the CANON PLUS service will be in effect immediately.
2. The automatic warranty registration will be done in 30 days.
3. Upon purchasing CANON PLUS Extended Warranty Service, you agree to be bounded by the terms and conditions related to CANON PLUS Extended Warranty Service. For any purchases of CANON PLUS Extended Warranty Service by using guest account to checkout on this website, you agree to authorize us to apply the information supplied for Club Canon membership application on your behalf.
4. We will send you an email to confirm the Club Canon membership and you can only check your CANON PLUS Extended Warranty Service purchase history online after your confirmation.
5. If CANON PLUS Extended Warranty Service is bought alone but you cannot be contacted for confirmation in 1 month, your application will be cancelled and your order will be refunded to your credit card.
6. For product out of warranty, Canon will need to perform inspection on your Product at an inspection fee before CANON PLUS Extended Warranty Service application. Know more about CANON PLUS Extended Warranty Service:

* CANON PLUS Extended Warranty Service does not apply to parallel imported Products. Upon successful registration, the original warranty of the product will be extended and be effective during the warranty period as written on the confirmation.

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